Photo: Bixby’s Rainforest Rescue Stageshow

Bixby’s goal is to save the rainforest from its continued destruction: Almost 46 million acres per year.

The only way that Bixby knows how to save the rainforest is by packing it up in a crate for preservation!

Exotic Live Animals!

Through this dynamic adventure, Bixby will interact with his friend Treetop, a singing toucan, to discover there are more ways we can save the rainforest than by just packing it up. Families will learn the value of conservation and basic things they can do to save the rainforest and the environment in which we live.

Through the use of magic, comedy, audience participation, and a menagerie of antic animals, Bixby’s Rainforest Rescue offers families an entertaining and unforgettable learning experience! Join in the Rescue!

Special Appearances by Bixby’s Rainforest Animal Friends

Bixby and Allie the albino python

Allie, the 18-foot albino burmese python, Juan the green-winged macaw, Treetop the singing toucan, and Tikatu the Kinkajou

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